May is foster care month! I want to share a little about a wonderful organization that I currently volunteer for, A Home Within, as well as one of their amazing programs, Fostering Relationships

A Home Within is the only nonprofit organization focused exclusively on meeting the emotional needs of foster youth.

Every day, A Home Within provides free long-term psychotherapy for current and former foster youth, because having one healthy, stable relationship is physically, emotionally, and socially transformative. No one ages out of A Home Within. Volunteer therapists work with foster youth, at no charge, as long as it takes. 

Fostering Relationships provides tools and online trainings to help caregivers, staff & foster parents support growth and healthy development using relationship-based practices. 

If you're interested in volunteering or would like more info, send them an email, give them a call, or check out their website! Feel free to reach out to me as well - I'd be happy to share my wonderful experience with this amazing organization!




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Foster care is one of the most rewarding advocacy nowadays. This maybe volunteer work. However the bond that you form with the soul you have grown to love is priceless. It is thicker than blood. Family does not always have to be blood related. A sincere loving relationship with a kid will always go a long way.

09/23/2015 10:07am

The emphasis on building foster care relationships is the correct direction to meeting the needs of people involved in the whole process. The most side that can benefit from it would be the foster youth who would have a more stable relationships with the people they have met along the process. It is also part of the whole education process for people who wants to know more about foster care.

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