PictureArt by Dave Peixoto
Family meetings help open up communication, strengthen relationships, and resolve specific conflicts. Meetings are also another way to bring consistency and routine into your family life. Here are some simplified suggestions on how to start      implementing family meetings in your home

  • Set up a consistent day and time to meet. Pick a time where everyone is most likely to participate (ex: Mondays at 7, every other Tuesday after dinner, etc.)
  • Begin and end on time. Maybe designate someone to be in charge of the time.
  • Always start and end on a positive note
  • Rotate roles such as leader, timekeeper, and secretary to help promote equality, active listening, and problem solving
  • Focus on one topic/problem at a time
  • Take a break if things get to intense

Start off with the following sample structure, and alter it as you figure out what works best for your family
  • Start with complements – Each person gives at least one compliment to another member in the family
  • Brainstorm a topic such as an upcoming birthday, family rules, rewards, chores, consequences, etc.
  • End with something positive to share such as something you enjoyed during the day or something you are looking forward to