People of all ages thrive on having some sort of structure/rules. Just think about it.
  • You go to work 8-5 and earn a paycheck. 
  • You eat something healthy for dinner so you can have dessert. 
  • You finish your household chores in time so you can relax and watch a show before bed. 
  • You do something nice for someone just to see them smile.

Here are some tips on making an easy and affordable rewards system for your own family at home:

Start with one simple rule
   o   Ex: Finish your homework before dinner

Make sure the rules are specific
   o   Ex: Put away the dishes on Mondays

Write down and display all rules so everyone in the household knows what to expect
   o   Ex: Take a break when you’re upset (instead of yelling)
        *Make sure you follow these rules too! Modeling positive behaviors is essential.

Make a list of affordable rewards
   o   Ex: High fives, playing a game together, reading a book together, hugs, play (videogames, Legos, etc.), paint nails, play outside outside, outdoors treasure hunt (find bugs, leaves, rocks, etc.) go to the park, go swimming, and the list goes on!

Now, with your family, discuss how the rewards can apply to each rule you make

   o   Your family will be more invested in the system if they have a say in rules and rewards