PictureCelebrating Play Therapy Week! Art by Dave Peixoto

 February 1-7 is National Play Therapy Week! So what is Play Therapy? Play Therapy is a therapeutic method in which a child uses his/her natural means of expression (play) in order to help process, explore, and express emotions and internal challenges in a non-threatening way and with the guidance of a therapist. Play Therapy can also help build self-esteem, learn effective coping skills, improve communication skills, learn how to problem-solve, and the list goes on!

Playing is beneficial for individuals of ALL ages though! So, in celebration of National Play Therapy Week, I hope we can all do something playful at least once a day. Even if it just takes a couple minutes to draw a silly picture, make up some new dance moves, or spend an evening playing board games with friends, I know you'll feel better afterwards!